Careers Leads: Give all your students a personal 1:1 careers experience

Through I’m a Medic, students are supported to explore a diverse range of careers in the Primary Healthcare sector.

Students can connect with working healthcare professionals, who are in career paths they may have never considered.

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How can I’m a Medic support your careers programme?

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I’m a Medic supports the Gatsby Good Careers Guidance Benchmarks

Meeting Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 I’m a Medic has been used to enrich schools careers programmes since 2017.

Thousands of teachers have trusted I’m a Medic to support their students’ science capital and gain a deeper understanding of careers in healthcare.

How I’m a Medic supports 6 of the Gatsby Good Careers Guidance Benchmarks ❯

I’m a Medic works for all ages and abilities

Students can have 1-to-1, personalised interactions with healthcare workers, who will tailor their advice and responses to the students’ questions. Healthcare workers will respond to students at their level, wherever that may be.

That means that you can have an entire class or year group connecting with the healthcare workers.

Track students’ activity

Teachers can see what questions students have been asking, through transcripts, dashboards and Zone reports. This means schools can continue to offer relevant, personalised career advice after the Chat.

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I’m a Medic can support a careers guidance programme for school students from ages 11 to 18.

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