• Question: How hard was it to get into Medical school and did you get your first choice?

    Asked by zoe.gregory to Chris, Emma, Jonathan, Katharine, Shehla, Simon on 20 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Christopher Symonds

      Christopher Symonds answered on 20 Jun 2017:

      As a non medical person I can not answer this

    • Photo: Katharine Bradbury

      Katharine Bradbury answered on 20 Jun 2017:

      It was hard work studying for A levels and stressful waiting for offers – when I applied I think the chance of getting a place was 1 in 12.
      I was happy to be offered a place at my first choice of med school which was Nottingham.

    • Photo: Emma Rowe

      Emma Rowe answered on 20 Jun 2017:

      I applied for Nursing places. I applied to 6 schools and was accepted to interview at all 6. I interviewed at 3 of those 6 and was offered a place at all. Nottingham was my first choice so as soon as I had an offer, I declined the rest. The advantage I had was that my offers were unconditional as I already had my A-levels when I applied so the pressure was off for me.

    • Photo: Jonathan Harte

      Jonathan Harte answered on 20 Jun 2017:

      Getting in to Medical School was probably harder for me than doing finals at Med School.
      confession time – I didn’t get the right grades first time round to take up my place. So after a frantic few days thinking about what to do (which including considering taking up an offer of a pharmacy course) I decided to retake the A-levels and reapply. Luckily my 1st choice school, Nottingham, offered me a place again, though I needed to get higher grades than originally. Luckily it had given me the kick up the backside I needed and I got in OK 2nd time round.
      So the moral of the story for me was if you really want something there’s always a way round, so keep pursuing it.