• Question: Is it common to and did any of you study medicine abroad and if so, how did you find studying medicine in a foreign country?

    Asked by Abbie to Adrian, Ali, Charnelle, Deborah, Kit, Phil, Rob on 13 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Deborah Draycott

      Deborah Draycott answered on 13 Nov 2017:

      I did all my training in the UK, I think you can choose an elective placement abroad as part of your nurse training, but don’t think you can get your registration if you train abroad as a nurse.

    • Photo: Philip Williams

      Philip Williams answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      I did my training in the UK. I am aware some people from the UK do travel abroad to study medicine, and there are specific medical schools set up to do this. I have no experience of these. Just make sure the GMC recognises any medical degree you get!

    • Photo: Adrian Taylor

      Adrian Taylor answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      Sorry like the others I trained in the UK

    • Photo: Robert Cullum

      Robert Cullum answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      I did all my training in the UK but in a medical degree there is usually an elective placement where you can go abroad for a couple of months if you want. For mine I went to Australia and it was a great opportunity to see how medicine is different in another country. If you do train abroad, you have to consider how easy it will be to transfer back to the UK to work – it’s usually possible but you might need to do extra exams etc.

    • Photo: Kit T

      Kit T answered on 14 Nov 2017:

      I trained here too but there are opportunities to go abroad for all or part of your studies. From speaking to people who have done it many find it a great experience, obviously it’s easier fi you can speak the language of wherever you are, as medical terms etc will be different too. It’s a good idea to get experience of healthcare in different countries.