• Question: what did you get in your GSCEs

    Asked by 249genk46 to Adrian, Ali, Charnelle, Deborah, Kit, Phil, Rob on 6 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by Tinkerbell, 477genk45, 779genk45.
    • Photo: Robert Cullum

      Robert Cullum answered on 6 Nov 2017:

      The first thing to say is that different medical schools expect different things from people in their GCSEs so it’s worth doing research as you don’t necessarily need to do the same as we have. The other thing to remember is that things have all changed since I did mine and now they will all be numbers. I got mostly A*s in mine though with a few As 🙂

    • Photo: Philip Williams

      Philip Williams answered on 6 Nov 2017:

      I went to school in Scotland, so I did “standard grades” instead. I did English, Maths, German, Latin, biology, chemistry & physics. (straight “1”s)

    • Photo: Deborah Draycott

      Deborah Draycott answered on 6 Nov 2017:

      I am so old that I didn’t do GCSEs – studied ‘O’ levels! Mostly A and B grades, although not so good in my German language.

    • Photo: Kit T

      Kit T answered on 7 Nov 2017:

      Rob is right in that requirements change regularly and I know lots of medics who didn’t get A* and A in all their GCSEs. I got mostly A*s, a few As and a D in PE which I still try to keep quiet!

    • Photo: Adrian Taylor

      Adrian Taylor answered on 8 Nov 2017:

      I did O levels and got 6 B’s and 3 C’s.

    • Photo: Ali Blatcher

      Ali Blatcher answered on 8 Nov 2017:

      I got mostly A*s in my GCSEs. But universities are more focussed on A levels I think!