• Question: what is the best way to help an autistic child?

    Asked by kodie ;] to Neel - Psychiatrist on 28 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Neel Halder

      Neel Halder answered on 28 Jan 2019:

      There are many ways to help and different people will need different types of help. It’s important to find out what the person likes doing and what problems they need help with. You can get a team of professionals round that person to support him or her and the family. Some people don’t need any hope at all, some need a fe hours of extra help in the family home by a support worker, and others need to be in a 24 hour residential place. I always try to look for the strengths of the person as everyone has them. I remember helping an autistic person who are really great at remembering numbers and loved trains. We got him a job working in a train station where he decides when the change the tracks depending on which trains are coming. He memorised the whole timetable and did a fantastic job.