• Question: how much happiness do u have when you save a life

    Asked by 17mason to Riverside Surgery, Kerry - HCA, Hampton Surgery, Tarik - Dentist, East Sussex CITS, CLICK Federation, Amelia - GP on 22 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Hampton Surgery

      Hampton Surgery answered on 22 Jan 2019: last edited 30 Jan 2019 1:50 pm

      I think that’s a difficult question. I m not very keen on all the stress of emergency situations. When we have them at the surgery afterwards I always feel relieved and worried that the person will be ok. When we have someone collapse for example we aren’t sure they will be ok really so there is always an anxiety for me. Saying that often the actions we take prevent someone becoming really ill or collapsing and that’s a great feeling when you know you ve really helped them avoid that full emergency situation.

      As a Paramedic seeing and treating critically ill patients is what I trained for and am best at. I always feel if I have seen and treated a critically ill person during a shift then it has been a good day. You also have to accept that you cannot save everybody as some patients there is nothing anyody can do to prevent death. This is a shame but something you get used to. Which is why if you are able to save someone from death or serious illness by you own knowledge skills and treatment it is very special and honestly not something many people can say they have done, let alone do it reguarly.