• Question: what is lowcoming and do you thinki could do it for a long time how long would i have to go to university for

    Asked by Amber Leigh to Riverside Surgery, Hampton Surgery, CLICK Federation, Amelia - GP on 2 Feb 2019.
    • Photo: Amelia Randle

      Amelia Randle answered on 2 Feb 2019:

      Hi Amber – Locuming is a term used by doctors and other health professionals who work on a day by day basis covering sick leave and annual leave for different providers. They have all the same qualifications as other people in their profession. Some people do it for a short time before settling down somewhere. Some people do it for their whole career because they like the flexibility. I locumed for a year when I first moved to Somerset and then decided I like Shepton Mallet so much I wanted to stay.