• Question: What path would you recommend to become a pathologist?

    Asked by ward11yes to Notts, LLR, Lincolnshire, HW, Derbyshire on 31 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Kate Knowles

      Kate Knowles answered on 31 Mar 2023:

      You need to study medicine at university first (5yrs) and so you need the GCSE and A-levels to get there (excellent GCSEs and 3 A or A* A levels incl Chemistry)

    • Photo: Laurence Quirk

      Laurence Quirk answered on 31 Mar 2023:

      There are a number of options for pathology you can either do the medicine route or you can do biomedical sciences and work in hospitals and laboratories with other doctors and health care professionals.

      There’s lots of information here about the different areas of pathology, the four main ones being tissues and cell, blood, chemistry of the body and infections.