• Question: What surgorys have you done so far and how well did they go?

    Asked by lexi on 29 Apr 2022.
    • Photo: Laurence Quirk

      Laurence Quirk answered on 28 Mar 2022:

      Most people in the primary care zone will probably not do surgery. Some GP practices might do minor surgery such as removing a mole but most surgery will take place in hospital. People working in primary care might train in a hospital and see surgery but in your local doctors may not perform surgery at all.

    • Photo: James Waldron

      James Waldron answered on 6 Apr 2022:

      So as a GP we do not do much surgery however I do do some “minor operations”.
      this is things like removing moles, skin tags and cysts. Removing cysts can be fun as you have to try and get them out in one piece, sometimes they burst and the goo can go everywhere!

      When I was training I did other operations and helped with them. Things I have done include:
      – Caesarian Sections (delivering babies!)
      – bowel cancer removal
      – hysterectomies.

      The most impressive one I ever saw was when I studied in Holland and someone had their Aorta replaced (the massive blood vessel that connects to the heart) it took 8 hours to do!!