• Question: -what do you think are the 3 most important characteristics one should have if wanting to pursue medicine?

    Asked by Maariya on 15 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Laurence Quirk

      Laurence Quirk answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      1 – active listening. This means really paying attention to what someone is telling you and looking for clues as to what they are not telling you. If you want to pursue medicine it is important to build rapport with patients and listening is good part of that

      2 – empathy. putting yourself in the shoes of others, whether that be staff or patients

      3 – taking time to rest and look after yourself. If you’re not well rested, have a good diet, take regular exercise or able to relax then you won’t be the best you can be to look after another person

    • Photo: Anita Raja

      Anita Raja answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      1) Passion for medicine
      2) Resilience
      3) The will to learn

    • Photo: Jamie Hynes

      Jamie Hynes answered on 15 Mar 2022:

      to be curious finding out what you need to know, professionally for your own development, from what the patient is telling us, and accepting the limitations of modern medicine. This is important in how we apply our scientific knowledge with compassion.
      How to find it, how to notice it and how to hold onto it. It’s a journey of lifelong learning.
      The ability to apply knowledge wisely; when to act and when not to, when to speak and when to be silent, when to use humility and when to use joy.